The Lunch-hour Lift

We spent the day yesterday learning about Silhouette Soft and watching 2 patients getting treated with it and we are so excited about this procedure!  If you’re looking for a lift but aren’t ready for a full surgical face-lift this might be the treatment for you.

Essentially Silhouette Soft is a thread with knots and cones along it that act as barbs.  The threads are inserted into the skin at strategic points, and when pulled on create a lasting lift due to the one-directional cones that prevent the thread from sliding.  What’s more is that the thread and all the cones are completely absorbed by your skin, leaving no bumps under your skin at all.  The substance the thread and cones is made from, poly-lactic acid (or PLA), actually stimulates your body’s own collagen-producing cells, meaning that your skin becomes tighter and the quality of it actually improves in the months after the treatment.

What this means is that although the procedure is non-permanent, the increase in collagen in your skin will provide a long-lasting increase in the tightness and refinement of your skin.  As time goes on and you naturally age further, the effect of the collagen will decrease for all the usual reasons: gravity, sun damage, pollution, smoking, sleeping etc.

It is important to note that this procedure DOES NOT replace a surgical face-lift.  It is not appropriate in cases where there is a lot of excess skin that needs to be surgically removed, and is also not a substitute for volume replacement.  In cases where volume replacement is needed fillers or micro-fat grafting can be done in conjunction with the Silhouette Soft lift to enhance the result.

The Silhouette Soft lift is intended for use in patients who are perhaps younger than the average surgical face-lift candidate or who have better skin condition and do not need a face-lift yet.  Due to the threads being absorbed the procedure is not permanent and may need repeating or you may need a full face-lift sometime in the future.

The biggest benefit of this treatment is perhaps that it is minimally invasive, done under local anaesthetic and provides immediate visible results.  The procedure itself from start to finish takes around half an hour (depending on your doctor’s technique and experience this may vary) and requires no sedation in most cases, meaning that you can drive yourself to and from your doctor’s office and have very little down-time afterwards.  Having said that immediately after the procedure and for about 48-hours following the procedure you may notice some dimpling and rippling or unevenness of the skin.  This does settle as the treatment settles, but depending on your personality it may deter you from going straight back to work after the procedure.

We are so excited to start offering this procedure for our patients who want a little bit of a lift but who aren’t quite ready for a full face-lift yet!  If you want to find out more about it please call us on (021) 6833048 or pop us an email on

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