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Pigmentation: what can be done?

If you suffer from pigmentation, you will be well familiar with the look of panic or dejection on your doctor or skincare therapist’s face when you tell them that it is a concern of yours.  While not all pigmentation was created equal, it is well known in “skin circles” that pigmentation is likely to be … Continue reading Pigmentation: what can be done?

Underneath your skin

Your epidermis and dermis occupy about 2mm of the depth of your "skin".  Underneath that we find varying depths of fat, muscles, and of course bone.  While your epidermis and dermis should be kept in optimal health to maintain the visible and functional integrity of your skin, we find that our muscles and fat pads change over … Continue reading Underneath your skin

A new solution for an old problem

Working in the aesthetics field we get similar requests from patient’s day in and day out.  They’ll point out a few things they know they can get seen to quickly and easily: a frown line, some crows feet, a few smokers lines.  Then they’ll move on to complaining about their nasolabial folds (the line that … Continue reading A new solution for an old problem

My Honeymoon Sunscreens

I have been petrified of the sun for about 3 years now.  You might argue that the fear set in 27 years too late, but up until I qualified and started working I would spend as many summer hours as I could completely sunscreen free and often spritzed in some form of oil working on … Continue reading My Honeymoon Sunscreens

Botox for Bruxism

Did you know that Botox can actually change the shape of your face?  Or more accurately, did you know that some of your facial muscles may be overdeveloped (or even just very well developed) and that they can bulk out certain areas of your face, and that Botox can counteract this?  No?  Well then keep … Continue reading Botox for Bruxism

What does a Botox treatment feel like?

The day you decide to get Botox is probably a pretty emotional one.  You’ve hit rock-bottom and realized you need help.  You worry that it may be too early or too late.  You have a million reasons for wanting to do it, but none of them would stand up in the Court of Bookclub and … Continue reading What does a Botox treatment feel like?